Day 312 {playtime}

Another good day. The boys entertained themselves while I did laundry and organized a few things. They got a hold of one of the Halloween masks which they thought was hilarious:

The trampoline was taken down for the winter:

I baked some cookies. Oh. My. God. Delicious. Another keeper.

And then my dad and I went to visit my grandmother in the nursing home. On the way home we got to see a cool sunset.

A good day. Thanks for looking!


Lucy Corrander said…
It does seem to have been a lovely, gentle day. (Bet there were some frantic bits in there somewhere!)

Flohbock said…
oh funny pics

and amazing sunset!
Mari said…
The pictures of the boys, fooling around with the mask are so funny!
Tara said…
oh I am so glad you got some pics of the clouds, I was coming home from Hamilton last night about that time and loved the sky ......... it looked like someone had held the clouds tails trying to keep them back :)and the laughing faces of the boys with the mask :):) how delightful :):)