Day 313 {hello kitty}

It was a beautiful day outside today. I didn't see much of it as I was at work but the drive in was nice and I got out briefly at lunch and had the sunroof open for a bit. Unfortunately Ethan broke my sunglasses yesterday so I had to wear Ava's for the morning commute. Nothing says bad ass better than rocking out to this on the radio while wearing Hello Kitty sunglasses. ;)

They looked especially fantastic with my new boots and pink scarf. I was a bit hesitant to get these Ugg-like boots as they are not something I would usually wear. I mean let's face it - add a couple layers of fringe and I could be the Ultimate Warrior. ;) The good news is they are the most comfortable pair of boots I've ever owned.

Thanks for looking!


Andrea said…
Cool Glasses Jen! LOL Nice boots too.....I wanted a pair like that last year and the sales women convinced me not to. I ended up with Kamiks similar but with more tread and good to -45. Apparently Ugg style boots are no good in -35 and 6 feet of snow...who knew? hahaha
Mari said…
Not everyone could pull that look off, but I'm sure you looked fantastic! I like the boots - I need a new pair myself.