Day 314 {off the wagon}

Yep. I fell off the wagon today. I had the Bacon Deluxe with Applewood Smoked Bacon combo. I didn't get the baked potato smothered in cheese and bacon though, so yay for me. Oh and I was not alone on today's lunch adventure but I have promised to protect the guilty so I will not reveal their identities. ;)

Back to the diet tomorrow. That's the big difference now. I eat like this once or twice a month instead of 3 days a week like before.

In pop culture news today, Sesame Street turned 40 years old. I leave you with a blast from the past and one of my favourite Sesame Street segments from my childhood:

Did you know that this was recorded by the Pointer Sisters? Huh. You learn something new every day. Thanks for looking!


Mari said…
Happy Birthday to Sesame Street! I never knew that was the Pointer Sisters!