Day 316 {flash cards}

Ava has been asking a lot of questions lately and spends a lot of time practicing writing letters on any piece of paper she can find. My mom picked her up some flashcards so she can start learning words and almost every day she picks cards out and asks me what they say. Today I went through a few of them with her until she lost interest. It was frustrating for her because she isn't familar with lower case letters.

And here she was a little big later still on a big time sugar high from the Caramel Rice Krispie treats I made. And yes I realized - there is a HUGE difference between condensed milk and evaporated milk. As a result, this time I didn't flop the recipe and they are really, really good.

And here she was at bedtime, thrilled that Scarlett jumped up on her bed in time to hear "Green Eggs and Ham".

That was it for today. No pictures of the boys. Owen has come down with a cold and Ethan's mission in life today was to irritate him while he wasn't feeling well. Thanks for looking!


Mari said…
Now I need to make those bars!
Lucy Corrander said…
I'm not enormously impressed by commercial flash cards. I've not come across a child who takes to them. Home-made cards left lying around and which they can help make seem to go down much better.

Green Eggs and Ham . . . one of the best books. Now, there's a real incentive to read!