Day 318 {early christmas present}

Last night when I got home from work, my parents came over to visit us. They surprised us and gave us our early Christmas present:

There was a lot of dancing around, there was a lot of screaming and if I remember correctly, it was all done by me. It was setup right away and by the time the kids were finished their baths we were ready to start playing. Ava is a natural at bowling. She got a higher score than Jason did on the first try and she bowled a 110 this afternoon. Not bad at all.

Here she is playing on Friday night. Excuse the terrible lighting.

Thanks Mom & Dad! Definitely the coolest Christmas present ever. Thanks for looking!


Sheri said…
Wow, what an awesome early Christmas present!! Have fun!!
Andrea said…
Awesome! You should check out the go Diego go game or Dora one. They are very easy for little kids. i think Bowling must be more natural for kids.....the first time Xander played last year when we got ours he beat everybody and scored over 220. Must be a kid thing!