Day 320 {ava is sick}

This is a record in our house. Owen has been sick for almost a week and it only started spreading today. Ava woke up last night with a fever of 100.1 F and ended up in bed with me watching Treehouse TV at 4 in the morning (Jason is back on midnights). I was a little bit cranky this morning from lack of sleep. Everytime I almost fell asleep Ava would scream out "map!" at the top of her lungs. Damn that Dora the Explorer.

Anyway, 65 days of inanimate objects rolls on. Here is Ava's tempra bottle. She's the only kid I know who is excited to get medicine.

That was it for today as it was a work day and dark by the time I got home. Thanks for looking!


Erika said…
Too bad Ava got sick too. It is no fun when they get sick one and one and just spread it on. Lucky Ava likes here medicine, that can be a battle too otherwise!