Day 322 {snow tires}

Not much going on today. I was home with the kids and they kept me busy all day while I did laundry left and right. Here is one of the only pictures I took today: our snow tires that were put on yesterday. Are these sexy or what? Did you know that you can squeal snow tires? Don't ask how I know this, but apparently it is possible.

In unrelated news, does anybody watch General Hospital? It has been fantastic lately. It even got me to like an Adam Lambert song:

Damn you General Hospital. You took me from being totally indifferent to him to having this song in my head non-stop. Thanks for looking!


Erika said…
It would be time to put on the snow-tires here too, but the last weeks we have had about 8C. There are no signs at all of any cold weather or snow, so we just wait a little longer. It wouldn't be fun if it wasn't panic involved when changing tires. ;)