Day 329 {bathtime}

Today was a terrible day. I took the morning off as vacation as the babysitter had an appointment and even though I was only at work for half a day, it was one of the worst days I have had at work in years. As I relaxed in the bath, I remembered last night's big event.

It was just the kids and I and I was in the bathtub when I could have sworn I heard somebody walking across the floor downstairs. I jumped out of the bath and went running down the hall in my towel turning on all of the lights in the house. I made the dog go down the stairs ahead of me and I searched the whole house only to discover it was Owen. He likes to kick the wall through the rails on his crib. He also likes to give me heart attacks apparently.

Earlier in the day, Ava had a very successful 45 minutes on the ice with Aunt Sara. I was home with the boys and it killed me that I wasn't there taking pictures. I was very lucky though because Bonny was at the arena and took some pictures for me. Thanks Bonny and thanks Sara. :)

Anyway, just before I had my bath, Ava and I had a pre-bedtime dance party to our new favourite song:

Damn you Jerry O'Connell. Thanks for looking!


Erika said…
Sorry your bath time was interrupted, but great that it wasn't a burglar. It is nice to have a dog sometimes! =)
So fun that Ava liked the skating, looks like she is doing great in the pic.