Day 333 {cookies, cookies, cookies}

Another busy day with lots of stuff happening. Today was the cookie exchange. Ava's grandad came to pick her up early. She was thrilled when Grandad arrived but had one stipulation - she had to wear her clown wig to his house.

No idea why, but she was very serious about it and it was absolutely hilarious.

The next order of business was getting my stuff ready for the cookie exchange:

and of course keeping the boys away from the Christmas tree. As I was packaging things up I heard quite a few ornaments hit the floor. Each time I heard one bounce across the floor it was followed by crazy high pitch laughter. Sigh.

Check out this haul at the cookie exchange. For the most part I only ate half of each cookie. Outstanding! And I took seven dozen home. Uh oh.

I ended the night at Galaxy (apparently the L is silent lol) to see New Moon with Jenn. The verdict? Fantastic. A great movie and light years better than Twilight.

Thanks for looking!


Side by Side said…
Oh my...I so remember those days. My girls knocked over our tree 2 times at that age before I got wise and tied a decorative rope around it and attached it to the wall.
Smart idea...using the shatterproof ornaments!
Erika said…
Mmm, cookie exchange, that both sounds and looks delicious! =)