Day 335 {elephants have belly buttons}

This post is dedicated to my beautiful daughter who either teaches me something new on a daily basis or has me rolling on the floor laughing. Here is the beautiful picture she drew for my office at work. She told me it is a picture of a lady elephant and she has a belly button. Then she asked me if elephants have belly buttons. Good question. I didn't know the answer and had to google it. The answer: yes they do. Good to know.

Last night we had snow flurries. It started late in the evening and we woke up to a couple of inches of wet and sticky snow covering everything. It was enough that the plow went down our street for the first time this year.

December 1st meant the kids could finally start opening the beautiful advent calendar my sister made for them. Each drawer has three chocolates in it so nobody has to fight. My sister and I had an advent calendar every year but the one we used for most of our childhood didn't have chocolate in it. I can't remember for the life of me what was in it, but it wasn't chocolate. We didn't get the chocolate ones until we were older. Thanks Mel!

Here's what our Christmas tree looked like yesterday when I got home from work. It still has 48 shatterproof ornaments on it, but they are all on the top two feet of the tree. Sigh. Why did I bother?

That was it for today. Thanks for looking!


Erine said…
funny your tree looks similarly like ours.... no ornaments within toddler reach! Sparse is better anyway right??