Day 338 {snow angels}

Today I missed out on a few things while I was at work. Ava had another skating lesson, this time with her daddy. When I pulled into the driveway, I immediately noticed that she had also been making snow angels while I was at work.

I was home from work for two minutes and we were off to get the kids' hair cut. I will narrate the rest of this post using the boys' new nicknames from Ava. Ava's haircut went very well. She decided she hates bangs and is growing them out. She was thrilled to get curls, sparkles and a new yellow clip in her hair. Boobies (Ethan. Who taught her this word?) and Cheeky Cheek (Owen) were a different story. Although they didn't wreak havoc like they did the last time, they would not sit still and poor Sheila had to cut their hair squatted down at the colouring table. Oh well, at least their hair isn't in their eyes anymore.

As I type this Ava has gone to bed excited to see Santa at my work kids' party tomorrow. She has three things on her list to tell him about, none of which we have bought her for Christmas. CRAP. Thanks for looking!


~Susie~ said…
She looks adorable. Great photos!!
Mari said…
I love that picture of her looking in the mirror!
Flohbock said…
uii snow!!!

beautiful scene