Day 339 {kids' christmas party}

Today was my company's kids' Christmas party so we were packed up and out of the house at lunchtime. Here's Ava on the way in her new dress and "party shoes".

One thing's for sure. My children are not fans of Santa Claus. Here's Ethan:

and Owen:

Ava is warming up to him but there is still no way she is going to sit on his knee (thank you Checco for taking these pictures).

Ava was much happier decorating cookies with the other kids

and the boys were much happier ransacking my office.

When we got home I took Ava over to my parents' house so she could show them her new outfit. She has been talking about wanting to catch snowflakes on her tongue for weeks now. Just as we went over, it started to snow. The opportunity was there but the light was low and it was cold so I didn't get the shot I picture in my head...yet. I think she looks pretty cute anyway. :)

Thanks for looking!