Day 340 {christmas shopping}

Today Ava, my mom and I went Christmas shopping at the mall down the street from my office. In true Christmas shopping fashion, we had to park eight miles away from the mall.

I bought a pair of new, ridiculously huge sunglasses that take up half of my face. All in the name of fashion baby. Missed photo opportunities: lots but the one that upset me the most was Ava trying on hats and similar sunglasses in Smart Set and running back and forth to the floor length mirror. My cell phone didn't have enough juice to run the camera. :(

While in the car we cruised along to Christmas music. My favourite Christmas song? It's not Christmas in my house until Perry Como sings There's No Place Like Home for the Holidays. Too bad I'm still not in the Christmas spirit.

Ava's current favourite songs as she told me in the car yesterday? Jump On It, the "dancing monkey song" from Night at the Museum and Please Don't Stop the Music. Thanks for looking!