Day 342 {sunrise}

This morning I pulled over on the way to work because the sunrise was amazing and I had to take a picture.

Turns out it was more to do with the new shades

as it was kind of blah without them.

Anyway, still trying to get in the Christmas spirit by listening to a lot of Christmas music. Normally hitting this a couple of times does it:

Unfortunately not even that cheese is doing it for me this year. My grandparents used to LOVE this album. I remember watching this tv special years ago when they bought the record (seriously though - what's up with the mannequins not to mention Kenny's snowpants?!). Wow. That was 25 years ago? Unbelievable.

Those were the good old days. My grandparents were both still around and Kenny Rogers was a lot more fun. Sigh. Oh Kenny, what happened to you? I don't even recognize you anymore.

Thanks for looking!


Erika said…
Lol, filters sure can make a great difference to a photo! But it was quite beautiful even without sunglasses.

I'm very fond of Dolly Parton's voice for some reason. She makes me nostalgic, probably because my mother likes country music and Dolly's voice reminds me of home. =)