Day 343 {snowstorm}

Last night all of the meteorologists were calling for a huge snowstorm. It did not disappoint. What a terrible drive to work. I did 60 km the whole way and it took forever. I am missing my four wheel drive but am thankful to have snowtires.

And with this first snowstorm, the hunt for the elusive and mythical "Guelph snow plow" begins. No sign of it yet and since I can count on one hand how many times I have actually seen one in my ten years of commuting, I won't hold my breath that I will see one anytime soon.

Here's the highway on the way in:

As I was sitting at a stop light, I had the strange feeling I was being watched. I was.

Great. Now I am not only not in the Christmas spirit, but I may never eat meat again. ;)

My other picture for today - my boot prints in the snow in the parking lot at lunch as I stood outside with the smokers (I went out for the social aspect). This was two seconds before I slipped on the slush and almost landed on my head. Stupid winter.

Thanks for looking!


Mari said…
I think that same storm is hanging over us!
Erika said…
Nice to get a little snow, but not so nice when you have to drive to work in it, I suppose. We haven't seen any snow until today, while visiting my parents 230 kilometers north from us.