Day 345 {snow}

We started the week with very little snow. A little dusting and that was it. Here is our lawn this morning after several days of snowy and blowy weather. Here's the front of the house as I left for work.

And here I am down the street from work. Can you see anything? Yeah me neither. What a terrible week for commuting. Each day it took me forever to get to and from work.

No pictures of my work Christmas party. I was apparently too busy having a good time to take pictures as near the end of the night I vaguely remember dancing to this:

Unfortunately because of the 5 or 6 drinks I had consumed at that point it was a weak and pitiful performance. I will have to practice it for next year. ;) Thanks for looking!


Erika said…
Glad you had a nice party at work! =)
We have also got snow now, and I love it. The dark outside just turned all white and bright, nice.
Anonymous said…
Merry Christmas Jen!!