Day 346 {family christmas}

Wow I am far behind. Better catch up. Where was I? The Saturday after my Christmas party. Right. Well I woke up with a hangover which anybody who knows me knows that is a very rare occasion. My mom and I stayed at the Best Western near work so we wouldn't have to drive home. We woke up to a stunning view of -- my office across the street. Oh well. What do you want for $89?

After dragging myself through Walmart Christmas shopping and my mom offering to let me push the cart so I could lean on it while we walked around the store, I went home. The kids were happy to see me. The screaming was a little bit on the loud side, but I was okay with that. :) That's Ethan on the left and Owen on the right.

At that point it was off to the big McDougall family Christmas. The kids enjoyed playing with their presents (Owen left, Ethan right).

Owen was right into the dolls and was stealing them from Ava and his cousins left and right.

The good thing about being somewhere where there is lots of people is that the boys get distracted and aren't as busy. When that happens we only have to run half as much. Case in point - Jason got to lie on the floor for a whole five minutes with the boys. Under normal circumstances this would never happen (Owen left, Ethan right).

A usual occurance at any family event. Jason R. and I talked about cameras and took pictures of anything and everything. Thanks Jason!

(That's Ethan on the right.)

Big thanks to Jason R. for taking this picture. :) This is where I should have blogged this before now. I'm not sure who this is with me. I want to say Ethan but I am not entirely sure.

That was about it for Saturday. It was a really long day but it was a good one. Thanks for looking!


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