Day 353 {christmas fashion show}

Today was Christmas with my family. It was fun and now it finally feels like Christmas. :)

Here we are at dinner. A much smaller group than some years, but a very fun group all the same. xo

My family is a lot of fun. Everybody makes the rounds of the room and kisses and hugs everybody when they arrive and when they leave, somebody always ends up getting in trouble for swearing and my uncles end up wearing the napkin rings as earrings. Then we either fall asleep on the couch after dinner or we go shopping.

On this particular night we decided to have a fashion show with the wrapping paper while we opened presents.

(Ethan left, Owen right)

The little peasant girl who had a remarkable resemblance

to Lady Gaga.

The boys put on a show

entertaining the crowd and beating the hell out of each other. Owen would later smash his head on the floor and cry on Nana's shoulder for ten minutes.

My son's idea of bedtime. Lying on the floor, closing his eyes and covering himself with a blanket. Unfortunately for us he doesn't like doing this half as much in his actual crib.

At that point somebody said Walmart and I have never seen people spring to life so fast in my life. ;) We got there at 10:15 pm and I managed to check a few things off the list. I'm getting there slowly...

Thanks for looking!