Day 354 {family christmas}

The morning today was all about wrapping presents and making dessert. While I was wrapping presents and making my black forest trifle in the kitchen, I gave the boys the empty wrapping paper rolls to play with. I needed them to stay out of my hair and most importantly off of the kitchen counter. I figured what damage could they possibly do? They wouldn't be able to kill each other and everything else is bolted down.

It took them five seconds before I heard Christmas ornaments hitting the ground. I ran into the living room to find them beating the Christmas tree like a pinata

and hitting the ornaments around the floor like hockey pucks.

Anyway, I chased them around and played with them and ended up almost burning my chocolate cake in the oven.

Shortly after this it was time to go to another family Christmas with Jason's family. After ten glorious minutes of the boys hiding their faces in our shirts being shy, it took them another five for them to locate the dial for the dehumidifier, find the phone and shut down Aunt Gail's computer.

Here they are playing a new game I like to call "Nana Nana". They are obsessed with the phone. They beg to call their Nana and the second the phone rings they scream out "NANA!" and run for it. Here they are trying to call Nana. This game went on the entire time we were there.

Ethan's in blue and Owen is in orange. It's funny because the week before at the McDougall family Christmas, I dressed them identically down to their socks and everybody said they couldn't tell them apart. Today I dressed them in different shirts and a couple of people said they looked totally different and not even identical. It's funny how easily I can mess with people's minds. ;)

After eating, we opened presents. Oddly enough, the smallest person in attendance got the biggest present.

We managed to get some large family shots of all of the young kids and everybody else which is always a crap shoot when the kids are involved. The boys are not into group shots but something odd happened. Ethan screamed and yelled and squirmed until somebody placed him on Ava's lap. He immediately stopped crying and sat there calmly. It was adorable but short lived.

Leaving Christmas dinner and heading home. The ride was not without its events with a very hyper and chocolate filled three year old tossing her cookies on the way home. Is it Christmas yet?!

Thanks for looking!