Day 361 {bozo the clown}

Today was a quiet day. I went shopping by myself to see if I could find Rock Band 2 and Super Mario Brothers. No luck. Those Wii games are the Tickle Me Elmos of the 21st century. They are impossible to find. The thing that makes me mad is I saw them at Walmart in the days leading up to Christmas and I didn't buy them. Crap. Anyway, it was an interesting afternoon driving around trying to find them. I ended up at EB Games which was interesting. I suspect 95% of the people who shop in that store live in their parents' basements. Talk about a different breed. Where I come from, we call those people

lol. Just kidding. You haven't seen me in a Henrys store.

After dinner, family friends came to visit and brought the boys the coolest gift - a Bozo the clown inflatable punching clown. It took exactly three seconds for the three of them to tackle him and knock him to the ground so I'd say they were quite impressed with their gift.

Another gift they were impressed with was their new hats. Actually I was the one who was the most impressed and luckily they were willing to model the hats for us. :)

Here we have Owen modeling the Princess Leia

and Ethan modeling another one of my personal favourites, the Double Donald Trump Comb-Over aka Hot Cross Bun.

Here's Ethan sporting The Executive

and Owen rocking the mullet.

Another fun day and a very entertaining night with the kids. Thanks for looking!