Day 362 {retail therapy}

Today Ava, my dad and I did some running around. We had to return a couple of things and pick up a new uv filter for my camera. I broke my cardinal rule at Henrys. Don't touch anything. Get in and get out fast so you won't fall in love with anything. Anyway, on a related note, I found my next camera. When am I getting it? No time in the near future, that's for sure. I had my good buddy Ron put it back on the shelf and left with my $39.99 filter (I went cheaper this time) with a $10 warranty covering it the next time it gets smashed and went on my merry little way.

At that point it was off to the mall for lunch. Here are Ava and Grandad in the new food court. Yes those onion rings are mine and a reminder that I need to exercise like crazy starting January 1st because I am up three pounds because of treats such as these.

My little Ava. Looking at this picture I am reminded just how young she is. She speaks really well, has a very large vocabulary and she is tall for her age. It's easy to forget she is only three years old. In this picture she actually looks her age and not like she is going on eighteen.

While at the mall I wanted to get the scoop on Aeropostale. I keep seeing people wearing their sweatshirts left and right and wanted to see what I've been missing out on. I headed there with very low expectations because after all I am still not understanding this whole Bath & Body Works craze that is also going on. I like bath stuff just as much as the next person but holy crap.

Anyway, the verdict? I am in love. Turns out it's the Campus Crew of the twenty first century. I {heart} fat clothes.

Thanks for looking!


Andrea said…
Nice choice in cameras Jen! ( for a canon LOL) You did better than me in Henrys, I went Tuesday and walked out spending ALL my gift card money and then ordering more online! LOL Ah well I only spent 8 dollars of my own money that wasn't gift cards and I got cap keepers. Money well spent!