Day 365 {new year's eve}

Today was a quiet day at home with some baking and cooking to prepare for a night in. First order of business was baking with Ava - in miniature. We used new bake ware we both received for Christmas and made a batch of mini banana muffins and loaves.

Ava's list and my translations on the grocery list she started. This is a terrible picture now that I look at it closer. Oh well.

Owen milling around and watching stuff as it happened. Actually I shouldn't really say he was watching. He was the stuff that was happening and before long we had four chairs in the kitchen with us because he wouldn't stay off the counter.

While I was making dinner (I tried a new recipe - it was delicious and I would definitely make it again), the kids played hockey with Daddy.

Later in the evening I made a few treats for us to share with my parents who were coming over for the evening. I made bacon wrapped water chestnuts and ate a ton of them.

I also made stuffed pizza rolls that we dipped in warm pizza sauce. They were so good and so easy to make. They were a hit.

And last but not least I made a Skor cheese ball. Dear god it was good. Guess who really has to exercise their ass off now?

We had a very quiet night and watched Night at the Museum 2. Ava even stayed up late enough to watch the ball come down. She almost didn't make it as she almost fell asleep at ten to twelve.

I had to keep tickling and poking her to keep her awake on the little bed I made for us on the floor.

Anyway, that was it for today and that's the end of my project 365. I haven't totally ruled out doing it again this year and already have some pictures taken for tomorrow just in case. Thanks for looking and thank you to everyone that read my blog this year!


Cookala/Lois said…
CONGRATULATIONS on completing this massive project. I don't know HOW you found the time to do it. You should be quite proud of yourself. Your photos and quips never fail to make me smile. :) I've certainly enjoyed watching your precious little ones grow. Thanks for the ride.