Day 12 {to do list}

This is my to do list for next week. In a few short months my baby is going to be four years old and it is now time to register her for junior kindergarten. These are the details I jotted down yesterday when my sister called me with the info. It's funny - on Sunday I was ready to ship all three of them off to boarding school, but yesterday I had tears in my eyes as I wrote the info down.

I took this picture and then an hour and a half later I found out that the school Ava is going to be going to is one of a handful of schools in the board chosen to pilot an all day, every day junior and senior kindergarten. She will be going to school a full five days a week. I think it's a new adventure for her that she is going to love as she's been dying to go to school for a while now. But she will not be taking naps. She layed down the law about that today. She will however consider lying down for quiet time if she can take her blanket and pillow and lie down on a couch. Good luck with that Ava. ;)

My other discovery this week? It's still light at 5 pm. Huh. I didn't know that as all last week I worked late and I don't have a window in my office. It's a much nicer ride home now that the days are getting longer. It would be even nicer if people would pick up the pace a bit, but one step at a time I guess.

That was it for today. A good day and a reminder that there is a very important moment for me to capture the beginning of September. Thanks for looking!


Michelle said…
Where would we be without to do lists?

Lovely sunset shot.
Erika said…
So exciting for Ava to start school! She'll have a lot of fun there. =)

In Sweden there is daycare from when the parents start to work again after maternity/paternity leave, usually 1,5 years. At 6 years old it is possible to attend a "pre-school" year, and at 7 the mandatory school starts.
amson said…
How exciting to be starting school but so long to wait when you are little.

Love the sunset scene with the snow. It is hard to imaging that there is even a car in the vicinity. It looks in the middle of nowhere.
Sujomi said…
I understand about the tears. I did that with all 3 of mine.

Beautiful sunset - I for one am SO glad the days are getting longer.