Day 13 {new perfume}

I was running out of perfume so I bought some while I was out on the weekend. I'm not a perfume connoisseur as I always only have one bottle on the go and when it's almost gone I go and buy more and don't have a clue what to get. On Sunday I stood in the perfume section with no idea what to get and suffocating from the first brand I sprayed on my wrists, so my decision was based on the following conclusion: Halle Berry is beautiful, therefore she must smell nice.

In retrospect, Matthew McConnaughey is the spokesperson for Stetson and he doesn't wear deodorant so my selection process has obvious flaws, but it worked out. ;) It smells good.

In unrelated news, have you ever had a song that follows you? I do. Everywhere I go lately, this song is playing on the radio:

Fortunately, growing up during the "hair band" era, I happen to like this song. Thanks for looking!


girlie said…
hi! my name is girlie!! this is my first time in your blog and it looks really nice. i hope we can keep in touch through our blogs... and thanks for dropping by mine.
Kari said…
I hate to buy perfume too. After testing a couple they all begin to smell the same.
thanks for visiting my photo blog. I was encouraged.
Flohbock said…
great musik and have fun on your new parfum
Sujomi said…
I'm laughing at the Matthew McConnaughey line. I too am from and enjoy a good "hair band" era song.
Thanks everyone! I really appreciate all of the comments. It encourages me to post.

Sujomi - I used to love MM. But the second I found out he didn't wear deodorant the infatuation was over lol. Yes I am incredibly shallow lol.

Thanks again!