Day 17 {miss mess}

Today was all about cleaning the house. It's been getting neglected since I started back full time and I have been having an even harder time keeping it clean because *somebody* keeps making messes left and right. I was a drill sargent all weekend with Ava. She has been making messes all over the place in the form of little ripped pieces of paper and piles of crayons. Stacks of books from her bookcase stuffed into little bags and corners of her room. Little piles of hair clips and Barbie accessories all over the place.

Today as a part of driving the point home, Ava helped me clean and vacuum her room. Unfortuantely she would end up destroying her room again a couple of hours later.

I have been giving a lot of thought to my pictures lately. I have so many of them, but few of them are displayed. About a month ago, I found a free template by Paislee Press and it inspired me, so this week I went through my pictures and selected some of my favourite photos to put up on the wall in my office. The result is a collection of fifty of my favourite pictures, all of which inspire me or are near and dear to me in some way:

I am printing them as 5x5s and the best part is that the WHCC winter sale is on so it only cost me $12. I am printing 75 pictures so I have extras to swap out when I get bored with them. Thanks for looking!


Flohbock said…
Oh, very industrious girl! Such a help I would like too!
And a great layout!
Erika said…
Great that you got her to help cleaning! Sometimes when Linus is supposed to put his stuff away he just finds something new to bring out and play with.

Wonderful LO! I love the design with so many photos and all square, great idea.
amson said…
I love perspective of the vacuuming photo and I love how you are displaying your favourite photos. I'll have to check this out.