Day 19 {frost}

The past few days the scenery on the way to work has been beautiful. We've had heavy frosts and the trees have been beautiful with all of the branches covered in white. The weather isn't very cold (-2C to -5C), but this picture makes it look like it's absolutely frigid outside.

Here's another picture from Day 19. Here's Ava putting clips in her hair shortly after she woke up. A few months ago I couldn't get one clip in her hair and now she wants five ponytails and 10 clips some days.

Thanks for looking!


JanMary said…
Anything below zero here is considered very cold! Love the photos :)
amson said…
It certainly does look cold! Also love the preening in front of the mirror.
Samantha White said…
love the black and white photo of the lamp post. and yes, it looks absolutely frigid!