Day 2 {the princess & the frog}

On Saturday my mom and I took Ava to the movie theatre for the first time. We saw The Princess and the Frog. It was really cute and she loved it. She sat on the edge of her seat the entire time.

A tidbit from a conversation I had with Ava last week:

Me: "Who just sang that song?"
Ava: "Black Eyed Peas!"
Me: "Good job! Who sings Pokerface?"
Ava: "Lady Gaga!"
Me: "Good job!"
Faithfully comes on the iPod.
Ava screams out "This is Journey!"
Me: "And who is the lead singer of Journey?!"
Ava: "KATY PERRY!!!"
(Steve Perry is the lead singer of Journey.)

Thanks for looking!


Tara said…
dang that child knows more than I do about the songs, I only know if I 'like' or 'don't care for' a song :):)