Day 20 {the shy kid}

Unbelievable. Almost four years has passed since Ava was born and we have come to this day - junior kindergarten registration. I worked a half day and took Ava to the school with me where we registered and she got to see her aunt's classroom and meet the kids (thanks Mel!).

I had the forms in hand that I had filled out telling of Ava being quiet and shy. Outgoing later but she'd have to warm up first.

I don't know where that child went, but I didn't see her yesterday. We met up with my friend Maggie and her daughter who will be in Ava's class. Maggie and I have been friends since kindergarten so we are thrilled they will be in the same class together. It's been a long time since they have played together so we planned a play date to re-introduce them.

Can you go to hell for lying to the Catholic school board?

In totally unrelated news, the sippy cup battle rages on.

Why swallow the milk when you can suck it through the straw, spit it on the floor and dance in it? Serenity now. Serenity now.

Thanks for looking!


~Susie~ said…
Absolutely lovely photos!!! Good luck :))
Andrea said…
Awwww Ava and Lily look like they are going to be best friends!
Michelle said…
You have been taking some great pictures for the project.

Keep up the good work. oh and I love your if I loose my camera idea. Very clever.
Mari said…
It's so wonderful that she will have a friend in her class. The sippy cup situation is hilarious (at least it is to me!)
amson said…
Such a fun day. I love the messy room!
Sujomi said…
It seems like they are always a different kid at school than at home. I do adore her room color!

You mentioned that you have a Dell Studio 17 - do you like it? Does it work well for photo editing? I was leaning toward the Studio line for my new notebook. Would you email me at cpawomn(at) with your thoughts - Thanks!
Samantha White said…
love the pictures of the kids. and ava and lily are too cute together