Day 24 {baking with nana}

Today was pretty quiet. I cleaned the house and made spaghetti sauce and Nana & Grandad came over to visit. Ava had a great time baking with my mom, who showed her how to make icing and how to pipe flowers on top of the cupcakes.

I think the sippy cup battle is slowly coming to an end. The green sippy cup to the left is the latest one we are trying out. All of the ones to the right of it are ones we have tried and have failed along with the infamous bottle. Damn that blasted BPA scare in winter 2008. If that hadn't hit we never would have gone with the Playtex bottles with liners and we wouldn't be in this mess today. The whole thing stems from the fact that the boys always sucked the air out of the bottles so the liner and nipple acted more or less like a straw so they never had to tip their head to get the milk out.

Yes all of these sippy cups were not cheap but far better than listening to two little boys shriek at you in stereo.

Thanks for looking!


Nice jeans Jen!
Ava looks so cute.She looks really happy.
Keep up the great work ! :O)
Erine said…
I had the same problem with the same bottles.... I cut Rylan off cold turkey (in oct.).. he was using sippy cups for juice, and he did boycott milk for a while.. he now drinks warm choc. milk out of the green and blue style sippy cup.. on the right side in your picture. boy what a battle I couldn't imagine 2 at a time.... good luck...
Thanks Jason!

Hey Erine! We tried the cold turkey route at a year (which worked for Ava) and it didn't work. If we had stuck with it, it would have worked but it was much easier to give in and give the bottles back to them than to listen to them both scream at you. We're getting there now with these new sippy cups. They love them because they are similar to a bottle. They like to run around with them hanging from their mouth. They do look like a bottle, but it's a stepping stone and I don't have to buy liners for them, so we're getting there slowly but surely... :)