Day 5 {night shift}

The usual sight when Jason is working nights. Ava sweet talks me into sleeping in our bed. Shortly after she falls asleep, Scarlett joins her. Then when I go to bed I get the space that's left.

This picture was taken last night as I headed to bed. It was past midnight so technically it's Day 5 and the pressure for today's picture was out of the way shortly after the day started.

Tonight's bedtime went smoothly for the kids. Owen is completely in love with the MP3 player the boys got for Christmas. He especially loves the special songs that were downloaded onto it by Aunt Sara. When I closed their door tonight he was bouncing back and forth to this:

It was hilarious and so much cooler than The Wheels on the Bus. Thanks for looking!


Anonymous said…
I thought the novelty would have worn off with the MP3 player by now. You must be getting pretty tired of those songs.

Susie said…
Love the photo!!
Mari said…
I love the amount of bed left for you. Isn't it fun to have those little ones in there with you though?
Your bed is gorgeous!