Day 33 {good times, good times}

Yesterday at work, a couple of us were looking through old pictures of ourselves over the years in various stages of pregnancy/weight gain/weight loss. Some pictures we laughed about and some were not funny at all. ;)

Back when I started, our company used to get a professional photographer to take shots of us for the company web site. Here I am on my first day of work acting like I know what I'm doing. I was 22 years old and I still lived at home with my parents. The picture is being held by the 32 year old version of me - not as firm, but three babies later and several pounds lighter. One thing's for sure - the cute little blazer and skirt combo I had on went to good will years ago as I figured there was no way on earth it would ever fit me again. :(

The wonderful lady who trained me had three young children and used to squeal out of the parking lot on two wheels every day racing to pick up her kids from school. I remember thinking "well that won't be me. This job is too busy and stressful. There's no way I will still be doing it when I have kids and I sure as hell won't have more kids than I have hands."

Guess who is racing home to three kids now? ;)

Oh and happy Groundhog Day!

Thanks for looking!


ChrissyW said…
lookin good girl!!
Erika said…
Times changes, hu? ;) I love watching old photos of family and friends, and compare to where we are today.
~Susie~ said…
That's a great shot!!
Mari said…
I love today's shot! And - I wish I looked half as good as you do, after my 3 kids!