Day 35 {crazy kids}

Today was my second day at home with the kids. Jason was also home after taking vacation due to a plant shutdown. The kids' personalities shone right through today.

Ava was the entertainer. She buzzed around all day and didn't stop talking from the time she woke up.

Ethan put on a show when I got back from the grocery store. Excuse the blurry pictures but they go with the story. He ran around with a shopping bag on his head until he bumped into the wall and fell to the floor. He was laughing the entire time.

And Owen was happy as long as Lady Gaga's performance on Oprah was on repeat and he could dance.

I got some time to bake so I made Extreme Toasted Marshmallow Candy Bar Crispy Treats. I've been wanting to make them for a while. The verdict? Not bad at all. I made mine with pieces of Twix, Reese Peanut Butter Cups and Mars Bars. I'd recommend one modification though - the recipe calls for a double batch of rice krispie squares and it was way too much. The angle on the picture is deceiving as the squares are so thick it's impossible to get your mouth around them. Next time I'd go with one batch.

My other recommendation is watch it carefully in the oven. The marshmallows take only a couple of minutes under the broiler before they start to turn brown.

Thanks for looking!


Erika said…
Aw, the first picture of Ava, it is just adorable!! Such a cutie, and what a wonderful outfit.