Day 38 {war wounds}

It was a rough day around our house today. The boys have been beating each other up on a regular basis and an injury of some description has become a part of daily life. Today at breakfast Ethan managed to rock his highchair enough to travel across the room to see his brother who scratched him. By the time he went to bed, he had another scratch right beside his left eye and a big goose egg on his forehead. From what I am told this is a boy thing and it ain't going to end any time soon.

Here's Owen sporting his injury from a couple of weeks ago. The boys were throwing toys at each other and using the couch for cover. Poor Owen bobbed when he should have weaved.

Other than that, it was an uneventful day. I tried to show the boys that you can actually build things with megablocs and that it is far more fun that throwing the pieces all over the place. They did not agree.

Only one more week of the boys being one. One week today is their second birthday.

Thanks for looking!