Day 41 {practice makes perfect}

Today was a good day at home with the kids. Ava likes to spend a lot of her time in her room playing with her Barbies where the boys can't bother her or get into her stuff. I was very surprised and impressed when she came downstairs and showed me that she had been practicing writing the letters she saw on her Scooby Doo colouring book. She's been writing her letters for a long time now so it wasn't shocking but it was the first time I've seen her copy something letter for letter from something she saw.

I had a book I bought a long time ago and was saving for her, so it was a perfect time to bring it out so she could practice her letters. She ended up doing the entire book in no time.

Something Ava gets from me? The whole hair twirling thing. I am notorious for this.

Thanks for looking!