Day 42 {snowblowing is a spectator sport}

Today was a busy day at our house as we gear up for the boys' birthday/birthday party on Sunday. Ava and I signed valentines while the boys napped in the afternoon. Ava has Ni Hao Kai-Lan and Disney princess valentines and the boys have Cars valentines. We signed valentines for our neighbours' kids, a few special friends and all of the guests for the party on Sunday.

Earlier in the morning I heard the kids laughing as I was folding laundry. You too can create a pinata at home using a simple skipping rope and a purse.

That little Ava's a regular MacGyver.

We got some snow overnight so Jason had to blow out the driveway with the lawn tractor. Here's Owen watching him from the window. Two minutes later all three of them were standing there watching with their oooohs, aaaaaaahs and woahs. :)

Here is a prime example of why my windows will never be clean:

Ethan is on the left and Owen is on the right.

Thanks for looking!