Day 43 {food freedom day}

Today was Food Freedom Day. Food Freedom Day is the day where the average Canadian has earned enough money to cover their groceries for the entire year. Our company marked the date by purchasing fresh food from local farmers and delivering it to the Guelph Food Bank. I was asked to document the effort with pictures for the company web site. I have to say that being involved in this effort was amazing. It is an experience that I will never forget and was proud to be involved in.

Picking up the food:

Loaded up and ready to go:

While we were there, it started to snow. We ran over to the barn to see the cows and they were interested to see us but terrified at the same time. They were all standing in a group, the brave ones in the front and the not so brave ones at the back. Every time we made the slightest movement, the whole group would back up.

My picture of the day. The cows were adorable and I might even have considered hugging one if I could conveniently forget what is caked around his legs.

At that point we were off to the food bank to drop off the food. Here are the stats on our donation (some AdFarm purchased and some donated by the farmers themselves): 750 lbs of potatoes and enough to feed approx. 75 families, 288 lbs of apples and enough to feed approx. 75 families, 12 dozen eggs, 12 frozen turkeys and 12 bottles of maple syrup.

What I found amazing is how little I knew about food banks. The Guelph Food Bank is visited by 40-60 families a day and those families are only allowed to visit the Food Bank once a month. The family is given a hamper based on the size of their family and it is assembled taking their dietary needs and allergies into consideration. The food bank works with the families and teaches them how to make the food stretch as far as possible by suggesting dishes they can cook with it. The Guelph Food Bank is 98% volunteer driven and only employs two full time employees.

It was a very humbling experience and I was proud to be involved and to work for a socially responsible company that supports such initiatives.

In other news, the Cuban contingent of my fan club returned from their vacation tanned and rested. Here are the kids getting their souvenirs from my parents (Owen is sitting on my mom's lap). We missed you! :)

Later in the evening, we watched the Vancouver 2010 Olympics opening ceremonies on tv. I was feeling Olympic-ed and Donald Sutherland-ed out leading up to them thanks to CTV and the non-stop commercials every five seconds, but I got into the spirit while watching. Ava loved it and was fascinated by all of the flags and the colours. I was also impressed, though slightly embarassed by the display they "erected" during the ceremony. Seriously people - so many months of planning and not one person put up their hand along the way and said something?! I am watching the show WITH MY PARENTS!!!

Anyway, a busy day but definitely a proud day to be both an AdFarmer and a Canadian. Thanks for looking!


Rochelle said…
Dude...Canada is awesome. I had never heard of Food Freedom day until now. you guys are awesome. I'm really enjoying the Olympics, and knowing that all of my Canadian friends are enjoying it! Also---you totally called it on the erecting sculptures. Awkward!