Day 45 {two times two}

Today was not only Valentine's Day, but the boys' second birthday. It was a crazy morning, running around doing the final preparations for their birthday party in the afternoon.

My beautiful children bought me flowers for Valentine's Day that Ava picked out herself.

Following my friend Carrie's advice, I tried to make the party as individual as I could. The party had two themes and was like two parties in one. The living room was decorated with a Diego theme for Ethan and the dining room was decorated with a Sesame Street theme for Owen. My mom made two beautiful cakes matching the theme. Thanks, Mom!

I did some baking for the party. Remember these?

I made them again and they went over so well that come to think of it, I never did get to eat one. Oh well. I did get to try one of these

and they were pretty good.

Here are some random shots from the birthday party. Ethan is in red and Owen is in green. Here are the boys blowing out their candles. They both used the "blow through the gap in your teeth" technique to blow the candles out:

Ava's not the only one who hates "the birthday song". When everybody broke into "Happy Birthday to You" Owen started crying.

At that point we just opted for the Black Eyed Peas and played this on the stereo instead.

The boys' presents from Nana & Grandad - matching lawn tractors. They were a huge hit.

Thanks for looking!