Day 46 {family day}

Today was Family Day. My company allows us to take Family Day on the actual day or save it and use it in the week between Christmas and New Years. I chose to work as I am back to my three day a week schedule and find it hard enough getting my work done in three days let alone two. It's also a great day to work because the roads are empty and I can get to work in no time.

It was a slow day and I left work early and came home in time to take the kids outside for a quick play in the snow before dinner. The first thing the boys did when they got outside? Check to see if the vehicles were unlocked. Remember - when the boys are 17 and jimmying our car doors open with coat hangers and stealing our vehicles - you saw it here first.

In unrelated news, we became a 2% only family today. The boys said goodbye to homogenized milk and we said goodbye to 1% and met in the middle. I decided to go old school and go the jug route. The verdict? A pain in the ass and actually more expensive. (It's now Saturday and we are back to 4L bags of milk.)

Thanks for looking!