Day 52 {birthday}

The stomach flu rolls on in the McDougall household. Ava continues to be rough, Ethan is slowly starting to recover and Owen is starting to get worse. One of the few things that keeps them all happy is watching Dora. Here's Owen watching Dora with his favourite blanket and his stuffed toy snake.

Did I mention that I found a great new chocolate chip cookie recipe this week? It made 7 dozen cookies and since the kids are barely eating and we are barely cooking, they are serving as a great meal replacement.

Tomorrow is my older sister's birthday, so I made her favourite dessert for the occasion. Here is one of the saddest Mille Feuilles desserts ever made. I was folding laundry and running around while making it and the result was terrible looking. tasted pretty good in the end and it looked FANTASTIC once the candles were in.

Don't you feel younger knowing that you aren't going to be 32 until next year? You're welcome. ;) HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! xo

Thanks for looking!