Day 54 {down and out}

Another pajama day for the kids today. Owen & Ava were rough and Ethan's mission was to drive them crazy by any means necessary.

Here's Owen between naps, pale and sporting several nicks and scratches inflicted by Ethan at some point or another.

Here are the boys after their bath, gearing up to watch a few minutes of the Team Canada mens' hockey game. Not the greatest picture, but I thought they looked cute (Owen is on the left and Ethan is on the right).

Something I really enjoyed was the ice dancing last night. It was amazing! Virtue and Moir are adorable and I don't know if it's just me or not, but Moir has this whole Patrick Dempsey/Can't Buy Me Love thing going on. :)

Thanks for looking!


Karen E. said…
Awesome pictures as always Jen. Love the looks of the boys looking at each other. How precious!
Also want you to know that I have had numerous hugs from Scott Moir and some from Tessa Virtue too. Scott's older brothe Danny is nothing to ignore either ;) He was Melanie's "rent-a-man" for figure skaing dances. They were all students uder my "direction" at school :) I bingoed!