Day 55 {norwalk}

The boys have bounced back from the flu, but Ava continues to get sick after meals. It's not as bad as it was over the weekend, but she still looks pale and is getting sick right after she eats. We would later find out on Thursday that she actually had the Norwalk virus.

That certainly explains why she was as rough as she was and why it held on for so long. My kids don't sit still for more than two minutes, so when they sleep the day away something is definitely not right.

Every morning when she wakes up she tells me she is better and asks if she can go to grandma's house to see her cousins that she didn't get to see on Saturday because she was sick. Then she gets sick and is devastated. Today it made her feel a little bit better to do her own hair and wear a pretty hairband with a bow on it. Later in the afternoon she passed out on the floor with her hairband on the floor not far from where she was laying.

It's been rough for poor Ava. Hopefully she gets better soon. Thanks for looking!


Anonymous said…
Our little Ava was so sick but she still managed to keep a little smile on her face. She was a real trooper even when she was so weak. She reminds me a lot of you :)
Love Mom
Shannon said…
Ok, as soon as you have the all clear and I have a weekend off, I am coming to visit with the kids. Poor Ava! The girls wanted to see her so badly.

March Break is in a few weeks, we will make sure we get up there then.