Day 56 {medal count}

Today was a better day around our house. Ava went to the doctor and we found out she actually had the Norwalk virus. Our doctor was able to give us some guidelines on what to feed her so she would stop getting sick.

I went back to work and the babysitter finally came back to our house after almost a week off. I have been enjoying seeing everybody get into the spirit of the Olympics as I have been pretty obsessed myself. Here was the medal count on the way to work. hadn't been updated after "Wonderful Wednesday" the day before when the Canadian women won a pile of medals.

Much better.

In related news, I have become a huge fan of the CTV Olympics coverage. Not only do I like the fact that they have pulled Brian Williams out of storage again (seriously - why do we only see this guy for two weeks every two years? He rocks.), but Jay Onrait has had me laughing my head off all week during the morning coverage. This guy kills me:

Thanks for looking!


amson said…
I really hope that you are getting over sicknesses. Get well!