Day 58 {recovered}

Saturday, 27 February 2010

Although still very pale, Ava is finally totally over the Norwalk virus thank goodness. As a result, it was a day full of tea parties and a few treats to make up for the week she lost. Unfortunately the boys may have been a little too excited to have her back to normal and one of them (Owen I am sure) scratched her.

In unrelated news, the Canadian men won a pile of medals yesterday in Vancouver. Go Canada go!!!! The Olympics have been on non-stop in our house for two weeks and I am going through withdrawal at the thought of them coming to an end.

Thanks for looking!

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One Response to “Day 58 {recovered}”

Mara said...

It feels so great when the babes get over something terrible like that. We all have a bad cold with ear infections and breathing problems but the spark is coming back in her too. Its a relief ;-)