day 61 - sunroof $

Our babysitter will be having her baby in a week and a half and is into her final appointments. Today she had an afternoon appointment, so I worked a half day and adjusted my work schedule for the week.

On my way home it was +4C and sunny when I left the office. You know what that means. Sunroof baby. I had forgotten we even had one.

The temperature when I got home? -1C. Number of other people I saw with their sunroofs open? Zero.

When I got home, I found my "I don't nap for you. I only sleep for Vicki." child fast asleep on the couch.

The same child who eats her kraft dinner like this:

I die a little inside every time I look at this picture. Yuck.

In unrelated news, the boys are learning about classic rock by osmosis

and Ava can correctly identify Steve Perry and Michael Jackson in "We Are the World".

Have you seen the new version? It's not bad. There's some good stuff but nowhere close to the original. I just hope this Justin Bieber helmet head fad is over by the time my boys are that age. They won't be leaving my house looking like that, that's for sure. ;)