day 71 - new routine $

We've been very lucky the past year. Having a babysitter that watches our kids at our house has been fantastic. The morning routine has been so easy. I take my shower and get ready before the kids wake up. I wake the kids, change the boys' diapers, dress the boys and carry them downstairs. By the time I get downstairs, the babysitter and her daughter have arrived and she is getting breakfast ready for the kids. Then after talking to the babysitter and bringing her up to speed on the goings on, I kiss the kids and leave for work and she brushes Ava's hair and makes sure she gets dressed. Then she watches the kids until one of us gets home from work. We've been very lucky and very spoiled.

But the game has changed now. Our babysitter is going to continue coming to our house but is taking eight weeks off after having her baby (another beautiful little girl) so she can spend time with her family. I am happy she is going to have that time and I am grateful because we have found a great babysitter for the kids to go to while she is off.

So now the kids go out of the house on the days I work. Not a huge deal but I now remember the joys of dealing with a child who eats very slowly and being under the gun to get out the door on time. I'm also excited at the thought of the house staying clean the entire time I am at work and not spending an hour cleaning the house when I get home.

Today was day one. This morning went pretty well, all things considered, until a food fight broke out. Owen threw rice krispies at Ethan like candy from a parade float just before we were about to leave. Thank god for the cleaning crew (the dog).

Anyway, the drop offs went well, as Jason is on midnights and we tag team the drop offs this week. Owen was distraught when we left, but I am told it didn't last long.

I got to work late and as I got out of the car I discovered I not only did I have a bad hair day going on, I had soggy rice krispies mashed under my foot between my boot and my tights. Fabulous.