day 74 - out for a walk $

Spring is here! Or at least it seems like spring is here. It was 12-ish degrees celsius today and in the past week the foot of snow we had in our front yard has all melted. The snow in the back is gone too which I'm not as happy about as every spring the water collects on the grass about ten feet off of our deck. Not a problem until you add a dog into the mix and it creates what can only be described as a "turd swamp". I'll spare you the pictures.

Anyway, after a weekend of rain it was time to get out of the house, so we went for a walk after dinner. Being adventurous, we decided to let the boys decide how they wanted to be transported for the walk which is new for us as we usually decide for them. The decision is always the same - whatever keeps them from running in separate directions and that usually equals stroller.

Being adventurous paid off tonight though, as everyone behaved. Owen walked:

and Ethan rode in the wagon. Ava decided to push her gigantic 4 foot bear wearing a princess dress in her stroller until she got tired, at which point guess who got to carry Mr. Bear the rest of the way? Me.

Later on, Ava pushed Owen in the stroller

and the boys were fascinated by the water rushing through the street drains. Ava was fascinated by the same thing when she was their age.

In totally unrelated news, it is possible to get to work early on days where three kids have to be dropped off at the babysitter, I still have no idea how in the hell you change the clock in the Corolla and I hate daylight savings time.