day 75 - loaded up $

Day three at the new babysitter and things are going very well. Ava loves it there and the boys like it after the mandatory five minutes of crying after we leave. Dropping them off is a two car effort. We load them in the van, Jason drives them over and I follow in the car. Then I head to work, he takes the van home and goes to bed. Here they are loaded up in our driveway:

After the drop off I begin the commute to work and have time to ponder life's mysteries. Why is the sky blue? What are the chances of there being a radar trap on Victoria Road? What in the hell is up with this guy's tree? Is he cutting this tree down or is this some kind of homage to Tony Orlando?

Maybe I'm just jealous because the oak tree in our front yard has the circumference of a loonie.

Anyway, that was it for pictures today which is a shame. It was a beautiful day with the temperature hitting 15 C, the turd swamp is clearing up nicely and it's sunroof weather, baby. It's also a day to remember that although it may be perfectly acceptable to rock out to such classics as 1999, it's no longer 1982 and driving through populated areas require playing a tune more with the times. ;)

I leave you today with a quote from the babysitter's adorable son: "Your daughter talks a lot". That she does, my friend. That she does.