day 77 - the princess and the queen $

There never seems to be a shortage of things to take pictures of in this house. The pictures were off to a flying start the second I heard the following conversation take place this morning:

Ava: "Owen? Do you want to be a queen?"
Owen: "Noooooo."
Ava: "Do you want to be a princess?"
Owen: "Yes."

Ethan was the queen. The boys were both more than happy to play, provided they could wear the sparkly shoes. It's all about the sparkly shoes.

Ava manages to sweet talk them into anything. She was in her element today. She talked from the second she got up until the second she went to bed. It was one of those days where we had to plead with her to just. stop. talking. for. five. seconds. It didn't happen.

One of the items on her social agenda for the day? A new set of nicknames for the boys. Owen was Pokey Head and Ethan was Diaper Head. On a related note, I once had a teacher we called Diaper Ass, but that's a story for a different day.

Anyway, all dressed up and nowhere to go, I played with Ethan on the floor.

It was all fun and games until he started beating me with his shoe.

Today was a reminder to me that my boys are not one unit. They don't always have to be a package deal. A lot of the time I end up taking Ava places and the boys miss out because it is too much work to take them both. Today I had to run to the grocery store and decided I need to change my ways. I asked Ethan to go and you'd think I had told him I was giving him a million dollars. He was thrilled.

So off we went. What do mother and son listen to in the soccer mom van while we tour around town in the sunshine wearing our shades and the windows down? Fiddy Cent baby.

After dinner we went for a walk. Tantrums at sunset on the way home? One. Pokey Head was mad I wouldn't carry him.

Tantrums in the backyard when it was announced it was time to go back inside? One.

And it was a BIG one. Diaper Head was NOT impressed.

The other picture I took today? Ava playing on the play set in the backyard.

That was it for today. It was a good day and this beautiful weather is amazing!


Sheri said…
Jen - I love the blog redesign!!! Amazing!! I tried the whole font thing a year ago and I found it slowed down my blog loading, but yours seems to work great! You'll have to tell me your secret :) I love the pics down the sides...great job!!

As always, thanks for sharing bits of your every day life!

How's the Project 365 layouts for 2009 coming along? I'm not done yet!! Which is the main reason why I am not doing them this year!

Have a great weekend!
Karen E. said…
Love the new look of your blog Jen. You are so talented! Your pictures today are awesome as usual. Ava certainly has a way with her brothers!
Thanks, ladies! It was time to change the look so I dedicated my evening last night to freshening it up a bit. :)

Sheri - the fonts don't seem to be a problem so far, so that's good. It's nice to see something a little different looking to the standard blogger fonts.

Believe it or not, my 2009 layouts are DONE!!! I finished them mid-February. Right now I am in the middle of assembling my book and getting it off to print. I've never done a book before so I had a lot of things to figure out design wise (and still have more to figure out...). I'm hoping to get it off to print soon so I can say that I am done. Good luck finishing yours off! Let me know if I can help you to speed things up at all.

I'm doing layouts again for 2010 but far more simplified so I can keep up.

Karen E - Ava definitely has her brothers wrapped around her little finger. With that being said she still doesn't get any preferential treatment - they still beat her up and rough house her the way they do each other lol.

Thanks again for the comments ladies. They are greatly appreciated!
Melanie said…
I have a good idea who Diaper Ass teacher might be...!
Jennifer said…
LOL Melanie. If I remember correctly, you gave him that nickname, didn't you?

I of course never called him that...

Mari said…
These pictures are so cute! Looks like a fun day for all!
Erine said…
I remember that teacher too... lol... been a while since I thought of him.
I get crying when I don't carry a certain two year old too... "I carry you mommy....." is all I hear, what's he going to do when I have a baby in my arms? Better to learn now!
Rylan would dress up too if he could have sparkly shoes too...
Lots of fun looking Jen!