day 78 - buying in bulk $

Rarely do I dress the boys identically. Sure, the odd time I like to mess with people and dress them the same. It's actually fun to see people get tripped up and have to figure it out on their own without any clues. It's also amazing to hear people's comments. At one family Christmas this past December, I dressed them the same right down to their socks and many people who saw them several times a year had a hard time telling them apart. Then at another family Christmas I dressed them totally different and got several comments from people who had never met them before saying they were easy to tell apart. One person even said they almost didn't look like twins. It's amazing how the clothing messes with the mind. ;)

Anyway, I usually dress them differently and for the most part, they each have their own set of clothes. With that being said, when I shop for the boys, I still buy two of everything. Not because I plan to dress them alike, but for times like this morning.

Ten minutes after I dressed Owen, he ended up wearing more of his Honey Nut Cheerios than he ate and needed a wardrobe change before we even left the house.

The drop-offs at the new babysitter are still rough. Sounds like the crying lasts about five minutes. Basically until they figure out we aren't coming back.

Is it wrong that I was standing there watching Owen cry as I took this picture? I think this is the difference between the first child and subsequent children. ;)

So not really an exciting day, but it was a work day so it's to be expected.


Andrea said…
LOVE the new look Jen!
Neil Headrick said…
You are terrific... great pix. Just so you know.. there is another Jennifer Mcdougall who is also a mom and also takes TONS of photos. Check her out at

She is a rookie in the business, and could definately learn from you