day 79 - retail therapy $

In our house, the only time you have to yourself is when you are in the bathroom with the door locked. Now you don't even have that.

Several times in the past week I've been in the shower and thought why is it so bright in here all of a sudden? I turn around and Ava is standing there peeking around the shower curtain at me.

Me: "What are you doing in here?!?!"
Ava: "The door just came open."
Me: "What do you mean the door just 'came open'? I locked the door!"
Ava: "I put a coin in the lock, turned it and the door just came open!"

Anyway, today Ava, Nana and I went to visit my sister and do some retail therapy. When we got to my sister's place she let Ava play Guitar Hero. Ava keeps begging me to buy some drums from Walmart (Rock Band) because she wants to be a drum player when she grows up. I haven't been able to find Rock Band anywhere since Christmas so she's been out of luck until today.

After that we were off to shop. Ava dragged me through the store telling me she needed the perfect dress and we had to find it. Then she needed shoes. And what does every girl need to complete that perfect outfit?

Accessories baby.


Auntie M said…
Thanks for the surprise guys! I had a fantastic time and so many laughs. Ava is absolutely hilarious! Favourite quotes of the day:

Me: Ava, are your brothers coming shopping?
Ava: No. They're too crabby. They need to have a nap.

Ava, while eating popcorn from Kernels: This is good sharing Auntie M. I get to have my popcorn and I get to have yours, too!

Another Kernels moment: Auntie M, did you know that when you eat popcorn, the little crumbs in the popcorn go all the way to the bottom of your belly?
Me: What happens to the big pieces of popcorn?
Ava: theyvsray at the top of your belly 'cause they're big.
Jennifer said…
You should have heard her on the way home. I slammed on the brakes because the train lights came on at the tracks near Hornby. Ava was holding a writing pad thing that mom bought her and it fell off her lap. For the next fifteen minutes she lectured me that next time I shouldn't stop so fast so it doesn't fall off her lap.

And let's not forget her in Walmart when she said she had to go pee. I run to the bathroom with her, find a clean stall (which is almost impossible - Walmart bathrooms are disgusting), we find one, she sits down and then tells me she doesn't have to go. It was a joke.

A not funny one.
bentonflocke said…
cool shots of your little one and funny words of her...
pics, so full of life, absolutly fantastic!!!
Linnea W said…
Your shots and words really tell great stories! By the way, my son is a drummer, so it gets really loud around our house. Thanks for visiting my blog.
Kathy said…
You are so brave to get the drums! Did you get a set of ear plugs for you?
Thanks for stopping by my place.
Andynka said…
Perfect !! Super cool ....
Magdalena (m2m) said…
Hi, you write great stories :) I love the way you run your blog :) And Ava's shot with rabbit ears is just priceless :)
Jennifer said…
Thanks everyone! Your comments are really, really appreciated.